For some time now there has been a whole flurry of development around Java bindings for CloudIQ APIs. We have also been using it on internal and client projects quite successfully. While we know there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, we figured we would share this with the community via Google code with the intention that it will help users integrate these APIs easily in their Java apps

The source and jars are hosted here.

The Java bindings around CloudIQ APIs can be used to:

  • manage public/private clouds (Appistry CloudIQ clouds) from within Java apps
  • deploy fabric, far and resource files to clouds
  • push / get / delete / move files to and from CloudIQ Storage and administer CloudIQ Storage workers

See the FAQ for more usage and additional info.

Please use and contribute (feedback, feature request, bug fixes, etc.) to the development of these Java wrappers.