I finally decided to bite the bullet and publish the work-in-progress maven-cloudiq-plugin code to Google code.

Google Code and Mercurial
While I did not spend a ton of time evaluating a public project hosting provider, some of key things I was looking for in a project hosting provider was:

  • Must provide DVCS (distributed version control system)
  • Must provider some type of issue tracking system

Although GitHub and BitBucket seemed to fit the bill, I decided to go with Google code since it offers Mercurial DVCS (and Subversion as well). Mercurial (hg), IMHO, is faster and easier to learn than other DVCS. Again, this is purely my opinion.

Eclipse IDE has a nice plugin for hg. And NetBeans comes with support for hg out of the box.

How to contribute
If you are reading this post, I would encourage you to contribute to the development of maven-cloudiq-plugin. You can do so easily by cloning the project, fixing bugs, developing new features, requesting new features, and so on.

What is the purpose of the Appistry CloudIQ Maven plugin? See here