In the Windows world, connecting and managing SSH sessions to multiple Linux hosts is made easy by using putty in conjunction with putty connection manager (PuTTY-CM).

The three features I really like about PuTTY-CM are:

  • Ability to re-size and arrange windows (SSH sessions to multiple Linux machines) within the parent window
  • Ability to execute a command across multiple active SSH sessions at the same time

The ability to execute the same command on multiple SSH sessions is HUGE for me given that I am generally working with either VMs or multiple physical machines at any given point of time.

I have googled quite a bit to find an equivalent of PuTTY-CM for the Mac. And the closest I have come is iTerm.
I say closest, since iTerm does not have the feature of re-sizing/re-arranging the SSH sessions (tabs) within a parent window.

But hey, the ability to “Send Input to all tabs” (Shift + Command + I) within a window is still HUGE and an excellent feature over the Terminal app that comes bundled with the Mac OS X.