First of all a big thank you to all who made it for my talk at Community One East, NY. It was on “Cloud Computing for Enterprise Software Developers”. After the talk I had a chance to network with some really smart people and talk about Appistry’s CloudIQ Platform and Sun Cloud.

Pete Koomen, the product manager for Google App Engine showed interested in the CloudIQ Engine piece of CloudIQ especially given that Goople App Engine is one of the key players in the Cloud Platform area – Hosted Cloud Platforms or PaaS, to be precise.
Some folks were interested in whether CloudIQ supports scaling out .NET components. While some asked if C, C++ code was supported. Yes and Yes.

I’m glad I used Sun’s VirtualBox to provision VMs installed with only CloudIQ and the sample application for the demo. I call it the cloud-in-a-box. Also it doesn’t hurt when VirtualBox is part of Sun Cloud.
Anyway, one of the slides in the presentation was that

CloudIQ complements Virtualization

And here is how you can do this with VirtualBox:

  1. Use VirtualBox (or Sun Cloud when it is released this summer) to provision VMs with an OS and CloudIQ installed
  2. Use CloudIQ Manager to provision and manage applications and middleware such as Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, etc.
  3. And once you are comfortable with this setup, deploy (“touchless” or otherwise) your compute intensive code to CloudIQ Engine to achieve linear scalability and reliability at the component level

I will blog about my experience with VirtualBox and running Appistry CloudIQ platform on Ubuntu VMs soon. And when Sun’s cloud offering is released, I will tweak it to use Sun’s Cloud APIs. But if you cannot wait until then, sign up for the Appistry CloudIQ 4.0 beta program or download the community edition of Appistry CloudIQ from here and start creating your very own cloud-in-a-box now!

Back to the session, I do wish I had time for Q&A. My boss had warned me about that when he gave me feedback about my presentation slides. What I’m thinking is that people must have been hungry since my session was just before lunch-break and the guy waving the “time-remaining” sign pitied the crowd and decided to cut my session short by 5 minutes. Kidding!

Anyway great crowd, good times.