Eucalyptus: Creating and Registering our first Image

Written by on 22.06.2010 | Appistry, cloud, cloudiq, General, grid, Linux, Tips

In our previous posts on “Building an on-premise private cloud”, we took our first steps by Installing Eucalyptus, a IaaS offering and then dove into Configuring Eucalyptus to look like an Amazon EC2 cloud. In this post, we will take the next step and that is uploading (to Walrus) and registering a machine image (EMI) […]

Eucalyptus: Euca2ools

Written by on 17.06.2010 | Appistry, Build, cloud, cloudiq, grid, Linux, Tips

In this series of posts on “Building an on-premise private cloud” we have so far: Installed Eucalyptus, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, and Configured Eucalyptus to start VMs with IP addresses from a private VLAN Before we jump into bundling, uploading, and registering images, let’s first download and install Euca2ools. Euca2ools Euca2ools are command-line utilities to help: […]

Eucalyptus: Configuring your private cloud to resemble Amazon EC2

Written by on 26.05.2010 | Appistry, cloud, cloudiq, grid, Java, Linux, Tips

You can reduce your hardware infrastructure expenditure by using Eucalyptus to efficiently run and manage your virtual machines on existing hardware. This in turn effectively leads to larger energy savings – less physical machines equals less power needed to run the hardware. In my previous post on setting up a private cloud, we looked at […]

Eucalyptus: Setting up a private infrastructure cloud

Written by on 19.05.2010 | Appistry, cloud, cloudiq, grid, Java, Linux

There are a few Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings that available to download and use. Eucalyptus and OpenNebula are two such offerings. I ended up installing and experimenting with both Eucalyptus and OpenNebula. In this blog post, I’ll detail my experience of installing and setting up Eucalyptus 1.6.2 on CentOS. For the sake of keeping things simple but […]